Trump Creating Race War With Military Threat on Protests

Trump Creating Race War With Military Threat on Protests

Trump Creating Race War With Military Threat on Protest

President Donald Trump on Monday declared himself the “president of law and order” and said he would mobilize every available federal force both “civilian and military” as he vowed to put an immediate end to violent protests that have swept the nation for days. Read on as Trump Creating Race War… has the latest on President Trump who said in a brief statement delivered from the Rose Garden of the White House that he will have law enforcement forces deployed tear gas and cleared out protesters.

Basically, Trump is showing his true colors as a racist by igniting a race war in regards to the criminal death of George Floyd.

Trump ordered governors and mayors to establish “an overwhelming law enforcement presence” until the protests have been quelled, and he threatened to send in the U.S. military to “quickly solve the problem for them.”

As Trump spoke, police also fired rubber bullets at protesters gathered peacefully on the edge of Lafayette Square directly in front of the White House. After his speech and with the square cleared, the president walked across the street for a photo op in front of the the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, where he held up a Bible.

President 45 continues to prove he is nothing but a racist safely from the White House:

Today, I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets.

Trump is now warning that he would step in as law enforcement if a city or state “refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents.”

The President is such a punk because you know damn well he would not say that on the street. Right now he is speaking and making threats safely from his White House. Lets see him say that on the street.

Samuel L. Jackson just weighed in on Trump’s threat:

Check out what Kamala Harris pointed out:

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