Trina Has ZERO Interest Battling Khia

Trina Has ZERO Interest Battling Khia

Trina Has ZERO Interest Battling Khia!

No one has heard from Khia since her one hit “My Neck, My Back” in 2001. Now Khia is trying to stay relevant by claiming that she would dominate the gold-selling rapper Trina in an Instagram Live battle.

Yeah, about that Trina wasn’t hearing any of it so she issued a fiery response on Miami radio station 99 Jamz. Read on to hear her wrath… reports that Trina UNLEASHED on Khia and her hopes to use the Miami rapstar as a way to get back into the hip hop game.

Trina issued this:

I’m a queen; this is called royalty over here…I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me and nobody that hasn’t worked as hard as I worked for anything.

Trina’s no-holds-barred rant was in stark contrast to Khia’s boasting!

She continued:

So when you girls or whatever you wannabe are calling my name, you wanna battle me, you wanna do all this — first of all, make sure you have 10 hits. Make sure you have enough records. Make sure you’re on my level if you think you wanna go toe-to-toe with me ’cause you cannot. Let’s make that very clear.

The 42-year-old one hit wonder rapper was unfamiliar with the Verzuz battle concept but asserted she had well over 250 hits to play in such a contest.

Khia got gully and FIRED this back at in reference to Trina:

You wanna have a hit battle, bitch? I got 285 hits to put on your ass, bitch.

The beef between Trina and Khia is more than a decade old, spawning diss tracks such as the former’s “What’s Beef.” It appeared to have died down in 2017, but Khia is thirsty for a return that will never happen.

Sorry Khia, not sorry. Trina is the Queen of Miami! And What?

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