Top 10 Biggest Tools in Hollywood


Top 10 Biggest Tools in Hollywood

It may have been national Tool day yesterday, so has decided to put together our 1st annual Top 10 Biggest Tools in Hollywood for the past year.

NOT sure what a Tool means?

Well back in the day we had a woman that loved to call all the men she dealt with a tool and yes we fell victim to her badgering. We’ll give you a hint, she’s a lawyer for the happiest place on earth and in our book she was the tool!

Here is what a Tool means – One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is a Fool. Basically a Tool is a douche and is foolish.

Anyways, speaking of Tools, here is the list for the tools in Entertainment that continue to make negative headlines, do stupid things, or are just 100% annoying and we wish would take a break from the media’s eye!

10. Kordell Stewart – made the list for his stint on Real Housewives of Atlanta and all the negative headlines with Porsha.


9. Perez Hilton – He made the list for being overtly annoying and comes off like he is trying to hard to be relevant. Note pic below…YUCK!


8. Jon Gosselin – For putting up with Kate and then dealing with his new relationship where it seems he needs to speak up and earn respect.


7. Michael Lohan – Makes the list for riding the coattails of his daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s success and driving her completely crazy. We feel a big part of Lindsay’s fall is her father and mother trying to get fame by throwing her under the bus.

Lindsay Lohan at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Day 1, Los Angeles, America - 18 Mar 2013

6. Kanye West –  Makes the list for his continual rants, and complaints that he’s misunderstood. We understand Ye, just shut up do you and live your life man. We love ya, but everything else is so douchy.


5. Charlie Sheen – Makes the list for all the drama and for being stupid enough to marry a pornstar chick. Good Luck with the marriage. Charlie is a repeat offended when it comes to making the same mistakes. His list of drama with women, drugs, drinking, and prostition is way too long to list.


4. John Mayer – Make the list for being John Mayer – We still don’t understand what women see in him.


3. Chris BrownNeed we explain – Chris has been a tool for the past 5 years since he attack Rihanna‘s face, had continual blowouts with the media, attacked his mother, throwing chairs out windows, throwing bricks at car windows and continual beefs, feuds and more. As for him winning Rihanna back – It’s NOT gonna happen – she has love for him, but NOT in love with him. He’s just trying to clean things up before his DC court hearing for beating her face next month.


2. Justin Bieber – We NEVER thought there would be someone more annoying than Chris Brown, but then Bieber showed his ugly side. For the past year he’s become a nightmare. The punky pop singer, hired bodyguards to beat up people, he’s defaced historical buildings in South America, played Selena Gomez, been busted under the influence, caught drinking lean, got booted from Cali, and found Atlanta doesn’t want him. Justin should be deported but for some reason this Tool is still in the US.


1. Juan Pablo – Made the list for being a straight up douche. Not only is he prejudice against gays, he’s a womanizer. He was the worst Bachelor, he’s cocky, arrogant, and continues to speak before he thinks which make him a bad candidate to do press so the reality TV series pulled him from the promo tour.


Previous tools were NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez, John Edwards, Spencer Pratt  Jesse James and Tiger Woods. The repeats for 2013 are as follows; Kanye West, Jon Gosselin, Chris Brown, Perez Hilton and John Mayer.

Seems once a tool always a tool.