Timbaland SLAMS Aaliyah The Princess of R&B Biopic


Timbaland SLAMS Aaliyah The Princess of R&B Biopic!

The backlash to the Aaliyah biopic by Lifetime is about to EXPLODE since Timbaland SLAMS Aaliyah The Princess of R&B Biopic!

The Aaliyah movie didn’t sit well with many people tonight especially Timbaland who was completely offended, calling the biopic funny.

We are a little shocked after all the hype from Wendy Williams about the casting of the film. We watched it and agree with Timbo that the casting of the film was horrible.

R. Kelly (played by Clé Bennett) did NOT look like R Kelly nor did he embody the essence of the king of R&B. But that’s NOT all, we know Aaliyah’s family blocked the music from being used in the film because they did NOT want this biopic made. As for Missy, Timbaland and Damon Dash – Not one of the actors looked like the actual real life people. It was frustrating and took away from the film and then makes you question the producers asking “What the hell were they thinking?”


The biopic came off rushed and only gave viewers snippets of Aaliyah’s rise to fame, but the problem is that the film comes off incomplete with poor casting choices. We can only imagine that everyone that played a part in her life and the was portrayed in this film is ANGERED by the casting choices. For example, Anthony Grant who portrayed Damon Dash only had the talk down a little but missed the mark on who Damn is. Chattrisse Dolabaille (Missy Elliott), Izaak Smith (Timabaland) Eric Ferrell (Andy McQueen) – NOT one of the actors looked like who they portrayed and it really upset us tonight.



He posted a series of photo memes along with video, which is below:

He stated off saying:


And followed that with this meme he reposted with his stamp of agreement:



Then he chose to make fun of the biopic with comical photo memes that make a very clear point, which we also agree with:

Take a look at the pics:

It’s didn’t stop there. Timabaland took to IG to weigh in on the casting of the Aaliyah: Princess of R&B claiming the “Timbo it’s NOT.”

Hear what he had to say about the film and the poor casting choices:

Not timbo!!!!!!!

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He continued with this video, saying it was funny tonight, but they will feel his wrath tomorrow:

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