The Game SLAMS 6ix9ine For Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle; Tekashi Responds

The Game SLAMS 6ix9ine For Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle; Tekashi Responds!

Jayceon Taylor, best known as The Game won’t stand for 6ix9ine’s disrespect of Nipsey Hussle so he CALLED him out about it. Continue on see why Compton rapper The Game SLAMS 6ix9ine For Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle… reports that Tekashi 6ix9ine thought it would be a good look o show some love to the the late West Coast icon by visiting his mural.

The only problem is 6ix9ine made sure to film the moment and then bounce. Many who witnessed 6ix9ine at Nipsey Hussle’s mural felt is was straight out disrespectful. It looks like 6ix9ine only did it for clout and nothing more.

In fact, the gesture didn’t sit well with many of Nipsey’s fans and friends including Game, who put him on blast.

The Compton rapper commented on the video:

Disrespectful [rat]… keep playing!

The Game SLAMS 6ix9ine For Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle; Tekashi Responds

Game and Tekashi have a history of beefing that dates back to 2018. Game is NOT a fan of 6ix9ine at all. At one point he called the rainbow-haired rapper a “fake-ass Blood.”

Another L.A. rapper, TDE’s Reason, also weighed in on 6ix9ine’s visit to Nipsey’s mural, saying:

Aye bro it’s a video already out, you was there for 60 seconds for this and got escorted by police back to the car,” he wrote. “Troll all you want but leave our legend out of it bro.

Prior to his death, Nipsey addressed 6ix9ine’s snitching on Rick Ross’ album Port of Miami 2.

Nipsey rapped on “Rich Ni**a Lifestyle.”:

When its wartime never lay low / Y’all play roles / Can’t name a fake ni**a that was not exposed. How y’all ni**as so surprised that Tekashi told? / Ain’t a real street ni**a ‘less you got a code.

Well, none of it mattered to 6ix9ine. Shortly after his CLOUT CHASING MOMENT – he jetted over to Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills acting like its his city.

Then the SNITCH tossed out $100 bills to people and kept it moving.

The self-proclaimed King of New York seemed to feel right at home.



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LA was yelling at him to LEAVE and GO HOME, but 6ix9ine danced around like a punk:

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