Biebs Admitted To Weed Pills and Alcohol During DUI


(CelebNMusic247-News) Biebs Admitted To Weed Pills and Alcohol During DUI

News just broke that Justin Beiber was arrested on DUI in Miami and now we are hearing he was totes honest with the Miami PD.

Obviously being intoxicated wasn’t a good thing for Justin Bieber, because he admitted to everything!  Yup, Biebs was like, honest and admitted to have marijuana, prescription pills, and beer in his system while driving, according to Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez who has commented on the dramas!

Although it seemed obvious that Biebs was under the influence of something and in desperate need of rehab since he was apparently incoherent when arrested. And to make matters worse, for Justy, he cursed out the arresting officer like Young Jeezy did in Georgia which landed him behind bars too.

Anyways, with this arrest, Biebs could be facing a first-degree misdemeanor that could result in six months in jail as well as having his license suspended for six months.

Crossing fingers!

However, Justin could possibly be eligible for a first-time offenders program and since Chris Brown got a slap on the wrist dozens of times when he should have been put behind bars and proving he NEVER learned his lesson. We most likely will be stuck with another pop star loose cannon on the streets because fame and celebrity sit in his corner. Booo!

When will Biebs will be set free?

He will be held until at least 12 p.m. because of a mandatory holding period for DUI arrests.

And don’t take it wrong, we understand Justin is 19 and he is being young and dumb…like real dumb and we all have been there. But it seems he is coming off like he feels entitled to everything lately and that is dangerous, especially when you have lots of money, fame and celebrity. Plus the boot licker friends who are latched on to him like leeches. There is not one good thing in the headlines about any of his homeboys. And they all seem to be taking him down. Justin needs to wake up and realize one thing. If he had no fame, no money, and no celebrity Lil Za and his brother would NOT be hanging out with him!

Justin wake up, drink some coffee, go to rehab and get some new friends dude! We’ve all been there and we’ve all had to clean house and with this DUI – its time to clean house and dump the dead weight friends! Some older brother advice bro.