Teresa Giudice Pointing Fingers Over Jail Sentence


Teresa Giudice Pointing Fingers Over Jail Sentence!!!

It appears that Teresa Giudice Pointing Fingers Over Jail Sentence and her brother is the one she is most upset with.

Rumor has it, Teresa Giudice just got her news about having to do manual labor for basically NO MONEY! CelebNMusic247.com has just heard via HollywoodGossip that luckily Teresa made big bucks for her pre-prison interviews because the former Housewife is behind bars, her paychecks won’t have quite as many zeroes.


Word is, she’ll only be making .12 cents an hour. Maybe that is because she still has a hefty debt to pay off and the state will be garnishing her wages.


Here is what’s being said:

Teresa reported to prison on Monday, and sources say that like all other inmates at Danbury Correctional, she was likely put to work on day one.

The exact nature of her job is unknown, but it almost certainly involves manual labor, and pays approximately jack squat.

Teresa might make as little as 12 cents an hour.

To make matters worse, since Teresa was found guilty of bankruptcy fraud, half of her pay has to go toward paying off her $414,588 debt to her creditors.

One might think she’d really be regretting her shady actions at this point, but naturally, the reality-star-turned-jailbird is still finding ways to point the finger at everyone but herself.

At first, Teresa blamed her husband for her legal woes, now she’s reportedly moved on to hating on her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga.

An insider tells Radar Online:

“She thinks they made her look like a bad character [on the show] and that ultimately is why she had to go to jail.”

“What Teresa doesn’t realize is that she made herself look bad in terms of how she dealt with the charges.”

“It’s sad that she can’t take accountability even at this stage.”

It’s utterly sad how Teresa just doesn’t get it ALL the time. To bad there wasn’t a wizard like in OZ, because someone needs to give her a brain like the scarecrow.