Tekashi 69’s Attorney Threatens Docuseries Director Karam Gill

Tekashi 69's Attorney Threatens Docuseries Director Karam Gill

Tekashi 69’s Attorney Threatens Docuseries Director Karam Gill!

6ix9ine’s attorney says the director of an upcoming docuseries who called the rapper a “horrible human being” should zip it. Read on to see how Tekashi 69’s Attorney threatens Karam Gill, but the facts prove 69 is “a toxic individual in our culture…”

CelebnMusic247.com has more coming from Tekashi 6ix9ine’s people, this time its his attorney, Lance Lazzaro, making threats.

According to Tekashi’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro:

“Supervillain” director Karam Gill is 100 percent wrong in his assessment of 69 and has no clue what he’s talking about.

Gill started the war of words by telling the NY Post:

The public and media hates him because he is truly a horrible human being who has done terrible things.

Gill also told the outlet Tekashi is “a toxic individual in our culture” who tries to get a reaction out of his every move.

Lazzaro tells us 6ix9ine had nothing to do with the docuseries and he’s troubled by Gill’s comments seeing as the director disparaged 69 without ever meeting him.

He also thinks the director is just talking to gain viewers and adds … anyone who gets to know Tekashi realizes “he has a great heart.”

The bottom line from 6ix9ine’s attorney … Gill should spend less time ripping the rapper and more time looking at the positive things 69 does for “young people who were dying from cancer.”

Now here is where Gill’s accusations are supported. Yesterday, 6ix9ine waited outside for Meek Mill to roll up on him ad cause a viral beef because he had his phone on record.


In addition to that, Tekashi has TRIED every rapper he has come in contact with trying to start a beef. His history of this RUNS DEEP. He has NEVER done anything positive on his social media feeds unless it’s to help himself gain CLOUT. There is NOTHING POSITIVE ABOUT THAT! #FACTS

If you want people to speak about 69 in a positive light he NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING POSITIVE! #FACTS

He is also being sued by a thirteen-year-old girl he allegedly forced sex on! NOTHING POSITIVE ABOUT THAT! #FACTS