Tank Sends Apology To Young Generation Of R&B

Tank Sends Apology To Young Generation Of R&B

Tank Sends Apology To Young Generation Of R&B!

Singer Tank took to his Instagram on Wednesday sharing a message to young R&B talent who have been judged and criticized via the state of its current culture. Read on to see Tank apology

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Tank, 44, apologized for the hate that aspiring R&B artists have received.

Tank apology reads:

I would like to apologize to all of the young r&b artists who are just trying to figure it out in your generation. I see too much hate from old people about how you artistically articulate your r&b experience! Create it the way YOU feel it! Period! #TheGeneral

R&B singer Tank also advised the new generation to share their gifts with the world as unapologetically as possible.

Tank said:

I’ve always embraced the new generation of r&b talent. It’s amazing how new and how different it is from generation to generation. Change is inevitable and traditions don’t last. Creativity is not singular it’s exponentially plural! There are no rules, no boxes, and no walls! Share your gifts your way unapologetically! Work hard and dedicate yourself to the craft! The universe will take care of the rest! Welcome to R&B Music!

He added a second post that included definitions of constructive criticism and hatred; urging fans to be more compassionate and understanding in 2020.

Tank concludes:

In 2020 we can’t afford to use hate or hatred as a tool to build. Creating a bridge requires construction. Sharing information requires understanding from both sides. Coming together means at some point we’ll have to hold hands. How can I hold your hand if I hate or I’m full of hatred towards you? Think about the things you do and say and ask yourself are they constructive or destructive… I love you all.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral

Currently, Tank is hanging out with his bestie Omari Hardwick:

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