Suge Knight Murder Trial Starting with Jury Selection

Suge Knight Murder Trial Starting with Jury Selection

After 4 years behind bars Suge Knight’s murder trial gets a start date!

Suge Knight is probably happy to hear that his murder trial is finally going up against a judge and jury after nearly almost dying while waiting in prison. Read on from more details… reports that Suge Knight’s murder trial begins jury selection will begin Monday.

The jurors will be tasked with determining if Suge Knight was trying to run over Terry Carter back in January 2015 or if he was trying to flee.

Video footage from the scene of the crime shows Knight gunning his truck in reverse clipping Cle “Bone” Sloan, knocking him to the ground. Then Suge floors the truck forward, running over Sloan again and mowing down Carter, killing him.

Suge claims he was not trying to run either man over but instead was trying to escape out of fear he would be killed. Suge’s legal team has claimed Bone and Terry both had guns.

There have been countless developments in the case over the past 4 years. Firstly, Suge was arrested and has been in jail awaiting trial ever since. He’s been to the hospital for blood clots. His former attorneys were arrested for attempting to bribe witnesses.

On top of that, he was indicted for making death threats against director F. Gary Gray and pled not guilty in that case … and recently his mother died.

Despite all the developments over the past 4 years, a court will now decide has Suge intentionally killed Carter or was truly fleeing in fear.
Time might play on Suge’s side since many have forgotten this whole thing. according to TMZ.

Suge Knight murder trial thoughts:

If a jury watches this footage they will see that there were no guns. What they will have to determine if Knight’s frantic way he left and why he decided to run his friend down?

After watching the footage several times you can see that neither Cle “Bone” Sloan or Terry Carter had a gun in their hand. Maybe Suge was just freaking out and imagined people were coming for him. Karma has a weird way of coming back at people.

The truth hopefully will prevail. will keep you posted on what happens…

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