Stevie J Says Goodbye To Joseline


Stevie J Says Goodbye To Joseline!?!

Ok before you get it twisted, Stevie J Says Goodbye To Joseline because he has to go to REHAB after violating his probation and failing his drug test again.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J gets a call from his attorney only to find out that he MUST go to REHAB for 30 days of face jail time for up to 2 years. Joseline gets worried that she’s going to be without her main man, but he assure her that everything will be ok. He tells her NOT to cry and to stay focused and make more music in the studio.

Earlier this year Stevie is facing 2-years in prison following a grand jury indictment for ducking out on over $1M in child support. Despite his attorney calling BS on the whole child support drama and his previous baby mama trying to live the lavish life off of Stevie Jordan‘s Bad Boy Money.  Stevie is dealing with his child support legal problems, but it has him getting drug tests weekly. And now, when Stevie goes in for his weekly testing, he gets some bad news.

Stevie has faith that the justice system will work in his favor. While he is away the Puerto Rican Princess can start planning their wedding. Wait, hold up?

Did we say that right? Are these two finally going to have a real wedding?

We can’t wait to see if this developes, or maybe it will be the next wave of LHHATL with a live wedding like Yandy and Mendeecees Harris wedding in May.


Watch Stevie J meeting with Joseline to tell her that he failed his drug test and must spend 30 days in rehab:


Joseline is NOT The only one Stevie has to tell about going to rehab. In this heartbreaking moment Stevie J must tell his daughter, Eva, that he will be away for 30 days. Mimi says that she will be ok running MF Management while Stevie is away, but how will he tell their 5-year-old daughter.


A tearful Eve sits with her daddy as he tries to explain that daddy is only going to be gone for 4 weekends. Meanwhile Stevie states that the child support drama and all the back pay he “allegedly owes” makes no sense because he gives his kids everything.

What do you think?