Stevie J and Benzino’s Bistro Ends Up In Bloody Brawl


(CelebNMusic247-News) Stevie J and Benzino’s New Bistro Ends Up In Bloody Brawl

Stevie J and Benzino openned a new joint called ‘Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar’(which opened in January) when the LHHA crew started filming for the new season things got TURNT UP!

Apparently Love and Hip Hop Altanta is hitting an all time Rachet high!

Now breaking Ratchet news has surface about the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Word is, during the filming of ‘Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar’ grand openning One Of The Girls Gets BOTTLED – Karli Redd Gets KNOCKED OUT – and Mama Dee PULLS A GUN!!!

If by any chance you’re guessing that Stevie J’s wife, Joseline Hernandez, had something to do with it, ding ding ding you get a gold star.

According to TMZ, the mess started when Hernandez hit up the joint with a female friend who instigated an argument with someone and it was on an poppin’.

We’ve learned that MULTIPLE FIGHTS broke out during the event . .. leaving one cast member BLOODY . . . one knocked UNCONSCIOUS and one ALLEGEDLY having to PULL OUT THE HEATER to protect herself!!!

Supposedly Karlie Redd ended up being knocked out while several others suffered bloody cuts. Meanwhile, Momma Dee got hit in the face with a bottle.

Here’s what MTO is saying about the incident:

It all started when Benzino brought his NEW FIANCE Althea to the event. Benzino and Althea were very happy – enjoying themselves . . . when KARLI REDD started hating . .. and she brought her friend Erica (Scrappy’s BM) with her. Karli reportedly CONFRONTED Althea . . . and it all GOT TO POPPIN!!!

Althea allegedly TWO-PIECED Karli and knocked her out cold . . . we’re talking SLEEP. Erica immediately jumped in and ALLEGEDLY started throwing bottles at Althea.

That’s when we’re told that a melee ensued. A lot of bumping started going on and some LOCAL DOPE BOYS didn’t like being bumped so they ALLEGEDLY pulled guns and started waving them in the air like a scene in New Jack City.

At that point we’re told that Momma Dee ALLEGEDLY pulled a pistol in self defense and started waving it at folks.

That’s some real HOOD SH*T!

While the melee was going on Scrappy’s new GF Shay somehow got into a fight with one of Joseline’s GIRLFRIENDS. And ALLEGEDLY Shay bussed her in the head with a bottle of ACE OF SPADES.

More HOOD!

It can be CONFIRM thanks to our source, that the Love And Hip Hop cameras were there taping ALL THIS MESS.

We can’t wait to see this UPCOMING season – It’s gonna be RATCHET TV at its BEST! #LHHAGetsHood #LHHARatchetTV #Ratchet

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