Spectacular Blue Smith BANNED From Walt Disney World After Attack

Spectacular Blue Smith BANNED From Walt Disney World After Attack

Spectacular Blue Smith BANNED From Walt Disney World After Attack!

Remember Pretty Ricky member Spectacular Blue Smith? Well, last week he made headlines for allegedly punching a Disney World employee on the right side of his jaw/temple area. Read on…

CelebnMusic247.com has the latest happening on Spectacular Blue Smith who will NO LONGER be able to step inside Disney World because the mouse folk are pissed the rapper allegedly attacked one of its employees.

According to FOX News an arrest affidavit obtained by Fox News, the performer and business mogul, 35, was at the park’s Animal Kingdom when he pretended to sneeze and said “coronavirus” as he walked past an employee.

The employee approached Smith in line for an attraction and told him that the joke wasn’t funny.

Smith reportedly replied:

I thought it was.

The employee responded:

Then you’ll think it’s hilarious if I asked you to step out of the line.

Smith refused and continued to loop through the line, dodging the employee’s attempts to stop him from progressing further.

When he got to the door of the attraction, the employee put his arm out to stop Smith from progressing inside.

That is when Smith allegedly turned back and punched the man in his jaw and temple.

Now TMZ is reporting:

Spectacular Blue Smith is now prohibited from entering all of the Walt Disney World Resort properties in Florida following his Monday night battery arrest at the park.

The BAN comes after the rapper allegedly fake sneezed and said “coronavirus,” presumably as a joke, while standing in a line for a ride. A park employee overheard and said something to Smith about his bad humor, and they got into an argument.

Cops say Smith’s son claimed his dad only hit the man accidentally as he lost his balance. The excuse didn’t fly and Spectacular got arrested.

Disney’s not waiting to see how his case plays out in court … we’re told Smith’s ban is effective immediately.

Of course, one of his loyal fans are claiming the incident was fake news. We find it funny when the fan was NOT there to see any of it.