Soulja Boy ‘Unequivocally’ Denies Sexual Assault Claims

Soulja Boy ‘Unequivocally’ Denies Sexual Assault Claims

Soulja Boy ‘Unequivocally’ Denies Sexual Assault Claims!

This week, rapper Soulja Boy is accused of sexually assaulting and physically abusing his former assistant. Read on to see why Soulja Boy denies sexual assault claims… reports that court documents, obtained by The Blast, Soulja Boy’s former assistant claims within the first month of her employment, the rapper allegedly sent her dick pics.

The female, who goes by Jane Doe adds her employment developed into a romantic relationship with Soulja Boy. Now, his ex-assistant has chosen to sue him because it involves alleged sexual misconduct by the rapper.

Soulja Boy alleged abuse includes numerous instances of physical violence like kicking, throwing, punching, spitting on his ex-assistant’s body, and even death threats. Jane Doe claims the rapper allegedly held her hostage and failed to pay her wages she earned. She claimed that he held her hostage and didn’t pay her for the majority of the 18 months she worked for him. Doe is also suing for sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress, and damages for the alleged unpaid wages.

Now, Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, has spoken out after his former assistant sued him for sexual assault.

He said in a statement Friday, Jan. 22, according to TMZ:

I vehemently and unequivocally deny these allegations. I am in contact with my legal team and the appropriate legal action will be taken against these lies.

A rep for Soulja Boy also said:

Soulja would never put his hands on a female. He wouldn’t beat a woman or put his hands on a woman … this is non-sense!!!

The woman’s lawyer, Neama Rahmani said in a press release:

Way’s treatment of our client, as an employee and as a person who deserves respect, has traumatized and filled her with fear. His abuse imprisoned her physically, mentally, and emotionally. When she mustered the courage to flee, he impoverished her. His exploitation severely hampered our client’s ability to re-establish herself in the workplace and in society. We believe he should be held accountable.

Jane Doe also alleged that he once spit on her after she said she wanted to quit.

Soulja Boy Has a History of Abusing Women:

He allegedly got violent with her during a dispute while driving in January 2019. She accused him of allegedly pushing her out of the ar and making her walk five miles. She said he apologized and offered to pay her $1,000.

If you watched his behavior when he was on the first season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, his abusive behavior comes as no surprise. He displayed abusive actions against Nia Riley in the series and proved he is a very abusive and selfish person. We are not shocked.