Sofia Vergara ‘Stifled’ In Marrige To Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara ‘Stifled’ In Marrige To Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara ‘Stifled’ In Marrige To Joe Manganiello!

While he world was in aww of Sofia Vergara an Joe Manganiello married thinking they were the perfect marriage. Continue on to find out why Sofia Vergara Marrige ‘Stifled’ to Joe Manganiello… has learned that Sofia Vergara marrige to Joe Manganiello was stiffling.

“Modern Family” bombshell Sofía Vergara broke the news of her split from “Magic Mike” hunk Joe Manganiello after living it up in Italy’s searing heat, according to friends.

One of her friends has leaked:

Sofia’s living her best life. She’s spending time with her friends after being stifled in a relationship with a largely unsupportive partner.

Sofía was always there to take care of Joe, while his career was never what it was when they met. I think he’s been threatened by her success and joie de vivre.

During her vacay in from Capri to Ravello, with her best friends in tow revealed that this was also her first trip as a single lady after splitting from husband Joe Manganiello, 46, after seven years of marriage.

Reports soon claimed that the Manganiello’s longtime sobriety had impacted their marriage because Vergara, who’s currently a judge on NBC hit “America’s Got Talent,” is not sober — which multiple sources told Page Six is not the case.

One friend who is close to both Vergara and Manganiello told us:

Joe is fully secure and at one with his sobriety, and while sobriety is a continuous practice, his ongoing commitment to being sober was never in any way threatened by being married to someone who drinks responsibly. It’s a pathetic attempt to come up with an excuse.

Manganiello has hired celebrity divorce shark Laura Wasser and was the first to file for divorce this week, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

The date of separation is listed as July 2; however, the couple has been living separate lives for a “very, very long time,” multiple sources

The mutual friend said that the marriage was fueled by “physical chemistry, though also a lot of loyalty and respect. Neither of them cheated. They very much did their own thing for large stretches of time and were frequently apart, but they were always able to still feel that passion for each other when they saw each other, but that flame has now gone out.

Sofía seems to be doing absolutely fine — she has all the time and the money in the world to do whatever she wants next…

…Joe seems a little more dejected but also resolute in knowing this was the right way to go.

said a mutual friend.

A lot of friends expect that he will ultimately move on to someone far younger and will start a family; he’s always wanted kids, and that clearly wasn’t going to happen with Sofía.

Multiple sources confirm that Manganiello’s desire for children was the main cause of their breakup.

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