Slim Dunkin’s Father Slaps Gucci Mane with Lawsuit

Slim Dunkin's Father Slaps Gucci Mane with Lawsuit-1213-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsSlim Dunkin‘s Father Slaps Gucci Mane with Lawsuit!

Gucci Mane is suspect number one according to Slim Dunkin’s Father and his wrongful death suit filed on Wednesday (December 11) in Fulton County State Court.

Slim Dunkin’s Father is on the attack and is ready to take Gucci Mane down.

Here’s the drop via Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Slim Dunkin wrongful death suit, which is a civil suit filed by a deceased person’s relative on behalf of the deceased, was filed by late rapper Slim Dunkin’s father.

Slim was shot to death in December 2011 as he prepared to shoot a music video with Gucci.

In February, Vinson Hardimon, also known as Young Vito, was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and gun possession charges for shooting Dunkin during a fight over candy.

Vito, 29, was acquitted of murder and felony murder charges. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Vito was also named in the wrongful death suit, along with ABC Corp., Warner Brothers Music International, and others.

The suit claims that while Dunkin was preparing to shoot the video with Gucci, Vito or someone with him accused Dunkin of messing wtih Vito’s candy, which led to a fight.

Reportedly, Dunkin charged Vito, and Vito shot and killed Dunkin.

Currently, Gucci Mane is in prison on gun charges, and faces federal gun charges and aggravated assault charges.