Sharon Stone Suing Chanel West Coast Over ‘Sharon Stoned’ Video

Sharon Stone Suing Chanel West Coast Over ‘Sharon Stoned’ Video

Ok, so here is what’s up, Sharon Stone is suing rapper and former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and MTV Ridiculousness star Chanel West Coast for her “Sharon Stoned” single and music video.

Sharon Stone is NOT pleased with Chanel West Coast who literally rips off the actress’s name and likeness from the movie Basic Instinct. Read on for more details on why Sharon Stone is suing Chanel West Coast … reports that Chanel West Coast has PISSED off Sharon Stone by taking on her likeness and steeling from Stone’s most famous scene in the film Basic Instinct.

Lawyers for Stone filed a lawsuit last week, asserting that the video “wrongfully exploits [Stone’s] rights associated with her performance in the Interrogation Scene [from] Basic Instinct.”

According to reports, Stone’s attorneys maintain that Chanel West Coast, otherwise known as Chelsea Chanel Dudley, is attempting to ride the coattails of the film star’s fame. The filing alleges that Dudley has been “challenged to achieve success as a rap artist” up to now and that Stone’s name and likeness are valuable commodities that “symbolize the level of quality associated with Ms. Stone’s products, services, and entertainment performances.”

The suit continues to focus on the 1992 Basic Instinct role, calling it “one of the most iconic performances in contemporary film,” and “inextricably associated with Sharon Stone […] in the minds of the public.”

Chanel West Coast (Dudley) doesn’t buy the argument that she needed to cash in on Stone’s name to make noise for herself.

In fact, CWC claims that she is making Sharon Stone’s name relevant to millennials who have no clue who the 61-year-old actress is anymore. Chanel also states that Stone was clearly aware of the song and the video. West Coast also claims that she is feeling “back-stabbed” by the ordeal, Stone was not only aware of the song and video concept, but she also wanted to personally appear in the video.

Dudley recalls:

Day of the shoot I get a call from Sharon’s agent calling my manager saying she loves the song, she wants to be a part of it. Basically, last minute, Sharon pulls out. It’s not clear to me why. I’m very surprised and shocked.

Chanel states that her intention was simply to pay homage to someone she admired.

She notes:

This is like Buddy Holly Suing Weezer.

Chanel posted this tweet at the start of the weekend:

Check out the video “Sharon Stoned”

We watched the video and we see she is paying homage to Sharon Stone as well as enlightening a new generation to who Stone is. The song is NOT that great, but we see what she was trying to achieve.

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