Scott Stapp Speaks On Mental Illness and Drinking


Scott Stapp Speaks On Mental Illness and Drinking!!!

We previously reported about Creed frontman Scott Stapp whose life was spinning out of control, and now a year later Scott Stapp Speaks On Mental Illness and Drinking previously reported on Scott Stapp’s mental condition as the former platinum hit maker had one of the worst years of his life in 2014. We first got word that the Creed Singer Scott Stapp was Homeless, then Scott Stapp was put on Psych Hold.

Today, Scott spoke about his drug addiction with opiate drugs, steroid drugs and anything who could get his hands on by the hands of rock doctors. Stapp spoke on the issues with Dr Oz about almost committing suicide, but instead he shot up his home, thanks to a photo of himself with his son.

He admitted that he was on binges of cocaine and other drugs before he admitted himself into rehab. When Creed was at their all time high, Scott was at his all time low. He was on a one way path to destruction and no one could stop him. He went from being a normal guy having all of his dream come true and the watching it all crumble because of his addiction to drugs.

Last year Scott shocked all of his fans with this desperate call to 911:

Sapp explained to Dr Oz that he made the call because he was in fear and that he would NEVER see his wife and child. He made the call to get the help that saved his life. It was that call that helped Scott learn that he was bipolar. We previously reported that the former Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Revealed He’s Bipolar.

Scott says that he was happy to learn that his diagnosis is treatable. Scott has learned that he has to keep a routine in his life now. It has to be structured for Scott to keep his diagnosis in order. Scott and his wife Jaclyn Stapp work with an organization called Charm.

Scott is back on track with his music working on new music for an upcoming solo album. But he first needs to get his life and his health back on track. He says he feels blessed that he was able to get his bipolar disease in order and that his wife and son stood by him through all the chaos.

We are happy that Scott Sapp has gotten the help he needs. We hope all is well and look forward to his solo album and maybe one day another Creed album.

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