Rose McGowan Supports Evan Rachel Wood; Marilyn Manson Must Be STOPPED

Rose McGowan: Hollywood Cults Protecting Marilyn Manson Must Be STOPPED

Rose McGowan Supports Evan Rachel Wood; Marilyn Manson Must Be STOPPED!

On Monday morning, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood decided to finally name the abuser she’s spoken about in public for years: Brian Warner, aka her rockstar former fiancé Marilyn Manson.

Now, Marilyn’s ex Rose McGowan is reacting to Evan Rachel Wood’s claims. Read on since Rose McGowan speaks on Marilyn Manson… reports that Marilyn Manson’s ex-Rose McGowan BLAMES Record Companies + Hollywood Cults Protecting Marilyn Manson!

Rose was one of the first to come forward with an accusation against Harvey Weinstein, helping to kick off the #MeToo movement.

This throws us off a bit since McGowan spoke very lovingly in retrospect about her years dating Marilyn Manson. But it’s the video post she put on Twitter that shows utter support of Evan Rachel Wood’s claims.

Rose revealed:

When he was with me, he was not like that. But that has no bearing on whether he was like that with others before or after.

We understand every relationship is different, and you can’t assume because someone didn’t abuse you that they ipso facto are not an abuser.

But in her later quotes she not only said she believed the accusations against Manson, she blamed the record industry, specifically naming Interscope Records, and Hollywood in general for protecting her ex’s alleged abuses from coming to light:

I’m also here to say to the Hollywood cult leaders that have employed him and sanctioned him — and Interscope Records and Sony was with him during the Evan period — you know you are accomplices. All the PR managers, agents, lawyers… the Hollywood cult must be stopped.

She goes on to imply that all of Hollywood is some massive cult of abusers. Rose was a part of Hollywood herself. Heck, she kind of employed Marilyn Manson by getting him an acting part in your movie Jawbreaker.

Things change and so do people, but Hollywood is a strange beast and there are some untrustworthy people in it and behind the scenes. Celebs get caught up and drink the kool-aid. Look at R. Kelly and his long history of sexually abusing minors. The whole Marilyn Manson thing is NOT shocking, he just got outed.

There are plenty of people abusing their power in Hollywood. producers, directors, agents, managers – not to mention the bootlicker fake friends that leach on and will do anything for some coin. Even betray the celebrity for self-gain.

Sometimes in Hollywood it’s best to trust NO ONE