Rockmond Dunbar Leaves 9-1-1 Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Rockmond Dunbar Leaves 911 Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Rockmond Dunbar Leaves 9-1-1 Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate!

Instead of getting his COVID-19 Vaccine to keep his job on the TV series “9-1-1” Rockmond Dunbar is OUT as an original cast member. reports that Rockmond Dunbar is only OUT because of the TV show’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Rockmond, who plays Michael Grant on the FOX drama, saw his character suddenly written off in this week’s episode.

Produced by Disney TV Studios 20th Television, the show reportedly requires all actors to be inoculated against the coronavirus … and Rockmond was denied vaccine exemptions.

Rockmond explained his departure in a statement to Deadline, saying:

I applied for religious and medical accommodations pursuant to the law and unfortunately was denied by my employer.

He adds:

My sincerely held beliefs and private medical history are very intimate and personal aspects of my life that I do not publicly discuss and have no desire to start now.

Rockmond also told the outlet while he enjoyed his 5 seasons on “9-1-1” his acting gig comes second to his role as a husband and father to his 4 kids, and he’s looking forward to what’s next for him and wishing everyone on the show the best.

Dunbar is not the only one in Hollywood losing work because of vaccine mandates … Ice Cube passed on a $9 million movie role, shooting in Hawaii with Jack Black because he didn’t want to get vaxxed, reports