Rockmond Dunbar and Vanessa Williams In Raising Izzie DVD

Rockman Dunbar and Vanessa Williams In Raising Izzie DVD-804-1

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Rockmond Dunbar and Vanessa Williams in the heart warming and touching story about a couple who comes across two young girls who need than more than anything.

Here’s the synopsis to the DVD release of Raising Izzie:

14-year old Gertie (Victoria Elizabeth Staley) is single handedly raising her little sister, Izzie (Kyla Kenedy). Orphaned after their mother’s death, the two girls are secretly living on their own, attempting to stay under the radar so they can remain together.

Meanwhile Gertie’s new teacher, Mrs. Freeman (Vanessa Williams), and her husband (Rockmond Dunbar) struggle with their inability to have a child. Both Gertie and Mrs. Freeman have fallen from faith, but can these two “broken” families find renewed devotion by coming together?

Gifted with an inspired cast and an uplifting message, “Raising Izzie” will touch your heart with the healing power of faith and family!

Genres: Drama, African American, African American Drama, Urban

Cast: Rockmond Dunbar, Vanessa Williams, Victoria Elizabeth Staley, Kayla Kennedy, Rodney Perry, Wanda Smith, Ric Reitz

Director: Roger M. Bobb

Minutes: 87

Image/RLJ Entertainment will be releasing “Raising Izzie” on DVD/VOD on August 6th.