Robert DeNiro Has Some Choice Words for Trump at Tony Awards

Robert DeNiro Has Some Choice Words for Trump at Tony Awards

When the NFL, NBA, and NHL all rescind the invitation to the White House, it speaks LOUD. When Robert DeNiro gets a standing ovation for stating two simple words “F*** Trump” is speaking volumes!

America continues to lash out at how much we all disapprove having Trump as our President, but we are all captive to his idiocy for two more years. Read on to see what Robert DeNiro said about Trump at The 2018 Tony Awards…

Robert DeNiro Has Some Choice Words for Trump at Tony AwardsCurrently, Donald Trump will be tested tomorrow as he will sit down and face a supreme test in his summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

The reality TV personality has been making a mockery of his Presidency with remarks on social media, untruthfulness in office and dubbing anything he deems unworthy as FAKE NEWS.

America is SICK of Trump and his 1940’s racial, sexist and discriminating antics, especially Robert DeNiro, yet he is still NOT impeached. No, Republicans allowed this nuisance to run for office as a joke, and now they’re eating their words because he’s been demonstrating that he’s a male chauvinist pig who believes white is the only right. No, matter what he says America sees through his BS.

Now, Robert DeNiro is lashing out to the world on one of the biggest platforms, The Tony Awards that are taking place on Sunday in New York City.

Tonight, before Bruce Springsteen took to the stage, the award-winning actor Robert DeNiro let everyone know he is NOT A FAN of Trump. In fact, he had some choice words while introducing Bruce Springsteen at Sunday’s Tony Awards.

You may have noticed a small group of people sitting and not clapping were the only Trump supporters in the house.


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