RHOA Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas Hint Spin-off

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RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas talk relationship, love, success and giving back at the launch party for their new book  Carry-On Baggage Our Nonstop Flight in hopes of a spin-off series.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the hottest reality shows on TV and the best of the Real Housewives franchise so it’s no wonder that RHOA cast members NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, Kim Zolciak all have spin off shows, but what about Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas?

With I Dream of Nene, Tardy For The Party and The Kandi Factory, all entertaining, fun and interesting shows that take one step closer into the world of NeNe, Kandi and Kim, we feel its only right that Cynthia and Peter are next in line for a spin-off.  They have an extremely interesting relationship, and are one of Atlanta‘s power couples on RHOA.

Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas have a new book, Carry-On Baggage Our Nonstop Flight, that tells the whole story of their relationship and more.  As viewers we only see snippets of Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ lives play out on the show and with the new super trailer revealing a tid bit of each of their story lines. We noticed that this season will touch on their business, Bar One, which has NOTHING to do with their finances, because the property owner did a short-sale on the establishment to avoid foreclosure. However, that is only a snippet of Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ life playing out on national TV, which makes them great candidates to have their own spin-off following their new book “Carry-On Baggage Our Nonstop Flight.”

Their book “Carry-On Baggage Our Nonstop Flight,” will explore how they met, how they got on the show and the ups and downs about who they are as a couple and their journey. Being that they had been able to survive all the bad stigmas of a reality show relationship. Now still blossoming into the the power couple they have become. The book launch is a great beginning for Cynthia and Peter to have their own spin-off (platform) to show people more about who they are. There is so much more to Cynthia and Peter and viewers only see a snippet on RHOA, so they would be a great series to watch.

When 4UMF.com asked about if there was a spin-off set for Cynthia and Peter, they replied:

“Bravo that’s a great question…we really hope so…we would really be excited about that.”

Obviously, Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas wouldn’t be closed off to the idea of their own spin off show. This really got people thinking. Everyone else from the Real Housewives of Atlanta got their own show. Truly they been the only couple to emerge from bad to good. They have the capability of having their own show and it being very successful.

Does Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ new book Carry-on Baggage: Our Nonstop Flight sound interesting?

Then CLICK on HERE on the title, Carry-on Baggage: Our Nonstop Flight:


Here are some highlights from Cynthia and Peter’s interview with our friends at 4UMF:

4UMF – What drove you to decide and say hey “Lets write a book” together?

Peter Thomas – We were driven by the fact that when people watch the show, they only see two or three minutes clips of our lives. For the people who watch the show they can get an extended version of who Peter and Cythnia really are.

4UMF – How do you stay grounded?

Cythnia Bailey – To much is given, much is required. As blessed as we are to have everything going on, we have a responsibility to bless  others. That’s how you continue to get your blessings.

4UMF – Peter gives a lot of advise to his friends, is this an advice book for men?

Peter Thomas – This isn’t an advise book. This is just telling a story about my wife’s and I flight from day one when we met until where we are today.

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