Ray J Set To Lose Seven Figure Deal


Ray J Set To Lose Seven Figure Deal?!?

Thanks to Ray J’s Cray Cray girlfriend beating him down like a helpless little girl Ray J Set To Lose Seven Figure Deal!

You might say, Princess Love Cost Ray J Millions!

While singer Ray J and girlfriend Princess Love were one of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s favorite couples, there appears to have been trouble in paradise, as the pair reportedly engaged in a huge fight while staying together in New Orleans last Wednesday.

Here is what CelebNMusic247.com has just caught wind of and apparently Princess Love just cost her man Ray J 7 figures.

Here’s the hot tea:

Sources close to Ray J that the fight in question did actually happen and that Ray was indeed the victim. Princess Love was arrested on domestic violence charges after the incident, as Ray’s injuries from said fight were severe enough for the reality star to require a wheelchair when going to the airport.


Sources close to the singer also revealed that there is a seven-figure business deal now in jeopardy due to their heated exchange. If said deal goes through, Princess alone is set to be paid in the high six figures.

Deal or no deal, the “One Wish” singer is reportedly still very much in love with Princess, and even after their huge blow-up is determined to make things work with Love, as he still wants to be with her and her alone, according to VladTV.

Would you still date Princess or would that be terms for her walking papers?