Ray J Moving Next To Kim Kardashian


Ray J Moving Next To Kim Kardashian???

OK he may have hit it first, but enough is enough Ray J! Ray J Moving Next To Kim Kardashian? Huh? When is this fool gonna learn Kim Kardashian is MARRIED to Kanye West!

Apparently Ray J aka Kim’s stepping stone to fame, wants to be close to his ex, so why not move down the street or even better, next door.

Jesus, this dude is straight up messy, and must love drama, because Ye is NOT going to take this kindly.

Now we all know that the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Ray J and Kim Kardashian have a well-documented history together, and it seems like she just can’t shake her “I hit It First” ex.

According to reports, CelebNMusic247.com has just caught word that Ray J just put in an offer for a $2.7 million home eight houses down from Kim and Kanye West!

Is someone smelling messy rat?

Ray J just said that he’s lived in Hidden Hills way longer than Kim, so it’s really his neighborhood that she moved into. Isn’t that where his parents raised him, so it’s his parents neighborhood.

Does this mean that Ray J will be knocking on Kimye’s door asking for a cup of sugar. Wink Wink! Or does this mean he’s going to be pulling driveby’s blasting “I Hit It First”?!