Rapper Game Still Battling Priscilla Rainey Over $7 Mill Award

Rapper Game Still Battling Priscilla Rainey Over $7 Mill Award

Rapper Game is still battling it out in court with Priscilla Rainey, the woman who he allegedly sexually assaulted while filming his VH1 reality show, “She’s Got Game.”

Read on to get the latest tea spilling on rapper Game who apparently asked a judge that he not be found in contempt over not submitting financial documents in his legal battle against Priscilla Rainey

Rapper Game Still Battling Priscilla Rainey Over $7 Mill AwardCelebNMusic247.com has the latest on rapper Game who is still dealing with his “She’s Got Game” lawsuit by Priscilla Rainey.

If you recall, the THOT contestant Priscilla Rainey claims that rapper Game, who she was supposed to be winning his heart and fall madly in love with sexually assaulted her?

Our question is this, why would you go on a relationship show to win a man’s heart, mind and more just to claim sexual assault.

These days people are all trying to come up by making bogus claims of sexual assault, hostile attack or discrimination. – Just for a paycheck. We are not going to blame all millennials, but many of these claims are coming from the generation who does want to work. They are all entitled and believe the world owes them a living? Parents, you are FAILING your children, teach them they NEED to work, strive, grind to make your dreams a reality. NOT do reality TV to find a come up.

If you recall, She claimed that during production the rapper sexually assaulted her. She says that The Game forcefully reached inside her dress rubbing her bare vagina and buttocks. As a result, a jury awarded her $7 million in damages against. He filed an appeal and the decision is pending

Here is what Rainey claims via theJasmineBRAND:

Rainey has filed docs demanding he be ordered to turn over all of his financial records and for him to be found in civil contempt for refusing to comply with the judgement. In the docs, she says that has not received any payment from the judgement. Rainey says that he is diverting millions to avoid paying her.

The Game’s legal team has responded, explaining that the court order allows him to object to any discovery requests. Game, born, Jayceon Taylor, says that he was complying with the court order. He’s asking the judge to deny Rainey’s attempt to have him found in contempt. His team would also like Rainey to be sanctioned.

We don’t feel that she deserved the $7 million, and the Game has every right to ask the judge “that he not be found in contempt over not submitting financial documents.”