R. Kelly Requests Aaliyah Marriage Not Used As Evidence In Chicago Trial

R. Kelly Requests Aaliyah Marriage Not Used As Evidence In Chicago Trial

R. Kelly Requests Aaliyah Marriage Not Used As Evidence In Chicago Trial!

The legal team for R. Kelly is requesting certain evidence to be left out of the disgraced singer’s trial in Chicago set to take place next month. Get more details why R. Kelly wants Aaliyah Marriage stricken from trial…

CelebnMusic247.com has received word that the “Trapped In The Closet” singer is trying to have his marriage to the “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number” singer stricken from the trial in Chitown.

Hey Kellz…Age is a factor when you marry a girl who is a minor at age 15, when you were 27-years-old.

Per RadarOnline:

According to court documents state that R. Kelly’s attorney’s would like certain topics to be considered off limits during the upcoming trial, starting with R. Kelly’s underage marriage with the late Aaliyah.

In 1994, Kelly was 27-years-old when he married 15-year-old Aaliyah. He was accused by the government of bribing a state official to get a fake ID for underage Aaliyah. On top of requesting that no one testify about his underage marriage, Kelly said prosecutors should not be allowed to bring up his alleged sexual relationship with the “Rock The Boat” singer as evidence during his trial.

Kelly’s new motion demands any evidence of him impregnating any of his accusers and helping them receive abortions to be banned in court. He also requested all undercharged allegations of victims who claimed he abused them to not be presented to the jury. Kelly’s lawyer wrote:

“The voluminous discovery in this case reveals that scores of women have accused Kelly of engaging in varying forms of mistreatment toward them. The government has not provided notice of any intent to offer such additional evidence. Kelly moves to bar any additional uncharged allegations of misconduct.”

If the jury rules Kelly guilty of sex crimes, he would have more decades added to his prison sentence. Kelly will need to argue his case against four child pornography counts, conspiracy to obstruct justice which relates to his 2008 state-court acquittal, three counts in connection to receiving the child pornography, and five more enticement counts.

As previously reported, the 55-year-old was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of all counts of sex trafficking and racketeering by a New York jury on Wednesday (June 29).

That was just his first sentence, Kelly is now prepping for his trial before a second jury in Illinois.

Career OVER! R. Kelly who? He best find himself a boy in prison for all his freaky desires. Maybe it will inspire songs like “Bent over in the Shower” “His Load Tastes So Good” and more like “He Turned Me Out” “Just Relax” “Slobbin” “Just Spit” “Slip It In On The Side” and our favorite “DBL D Pleasure.”

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