R. Kelly Out of Jail Heads Straight to McDonald’s

R. Kelly Out of Jail Heads Straight to McDonald’s

The place where it allegedly all started is the first place R. Kelly heads too? Interesting? Alleged rapists gotta eat, too.

Read on for the latest on R. Kelly heading straight to McDonald’s for a burger and maybe some “desert”…

R. Kelly Out of Jail Heads Straight to McDonald’sCelebNMusic247.com reports that on Monday, R. Kelly left jail after posting bail that was said to be $1 million dollars.

R. Kelly went straight to a McDonald ’s where he was reportedly greeted by several fans, according to PageSix. He was greeted by women and children, who took selfies and blared his music.

The King of R&B was caught eating a burger thanks to multiple Twitter accounts posting photos of Kellz with his crew eating.

Photos posted on Twitter by local reporters show the embattled R&B star ordering at the counter and scarfing down French fries while his supporters wait outside.

Sources told TMZ that Kelly ordered a quarter-pounder meal with a soda and some coffee. He also asked for BBQ sauce on the side.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, several women sat on the hood of a car that was parked next to Kelly’s van — snapping pictures and dancing — after the singer exited the Mickey D’s.

The Sun-Times reporter Nader Issa tweeted:

R. Kelly’s first stop after getting out of jail is the McDonald’s in River North,” tweeted Sun-Times reporter Nader Issa. Fans are playing his music in the parking lot.

The Golden Arches in River North is considered a tourist attraction and was once dubbed Chicago’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s” on account of its musical theme.

As for Kellz women will continue to throw themselves at him because he is a sexy man who talks about rockin a woman’s world in bed. He speaks the language of sex and freaky desires, so in his mind, he is fulfilling their fantasies, but some women bit off more than they could chew, or should we say swallow?

Despite our tasteless humor that FACTS are women will continue to go for the bad boy, and will NOT listen to WARNINGS because they think, “oh he won’t do that to me.” Think again. There are plenty of men doing the same thing as Kellz.

As for R. Kelly’s World Tour. Yeah, it’s NOT happening!

HNHH reports:

Promoters in Germany sent out an email to ticket holders letting them know the show is still on for now.

They better send a follow up saying, nope it’s been canceled.

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