R. Kelly Cries To Keep Scheduled Trial Date In Oct

R. Kelly Cries To Keep Scheduled Trial Date In Oct

R. Kelly Cries To Keep Scheduled Trial Date In Oct!

Get more details regarding disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly filed a new motion whining about his scheduled trial date of October 20, 2020, possibly being postponed. Read on for more about R. Kelly trial date cries…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that things are getting REAL for R. Kelly who is facing multiple charges for his upcoming October 20, 2020 court date.

We previously reported, Donnell Russell, R. Kelly’s former manager was charged + arrested recently.

R. Kelly says prosecutors have asked the court to move the date due to the coronavirus pandemic. But he wants his trial date to stay right where it’s at.

Kellz says:

They cite, primarily, that pandemic and its related difficulties, including the need to quarantine witnesses, and the difficulties associated with the trial of this magnitude in the current environment.

The singer says he doesn’t care about their reasoning, He just wants his trial date to stay put.

Kelly’s lawyer writes:

Frankly, that is not Mr. Kelly’s fault and that should not be Mr. Kelly’s problem, and Mr. Kelly should not be the one who has to suffer, remaining in archaic jail conditions that are medieval so that the Government can more conveniently prosecute its case.

The disgraced singer adds:

If witnesses are required to remain in quarantine for fourteen (14) days so that they may present whatever story they have against Mr. Kelly, then so be it. He has had to remain in virtual solitary confinement for over a year. The inconvenience to the witnesses pales in comparison. Moreover, this is not about what is convenient or pleasant, this is about Mr. Kelly being entitled to a trial rather than being held in custody.

R. Kelly, who is accused of decades of abuse against young women, has repeatedly complained about the conditions while locked up. His attempts to be released on bond have been unsuccessful, reports The Blast.

Kellz says he hasn’t been able to meet with his attorneys and it is affecting his ability to build his defense.

A judge has yet to rule.

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