R. Kelly Calls Joycelyn Savage Baby News ‘FAKE’

R. Kelly Calls Joycelyn Savage Baby News ‘FAKE’!!

While sitting behind bars, faller R&B king R. Kelly has finally come forward to speak on Joycelyn Savage and her alleged baby news. Get more tea on R. Kelly baby news…

CelebnMusic247.com has one question, and that is who do you believe in this situation since Kellz lied about abusing women his whole career and Joycelyn Savage has lied on multiple accounts to cover her own @ss and to protect Kelly.

Now, she is claiming she was pregnant with R. Kelly‘s baby? So did they go “Half on A Baby“?

Here is the tea spill:

R. Kelly has finally addressed the rumors that Joycelyn Savage recently gave birth to his child.

Speaking to Rick Party from behind bars…he addressed the unfounded reports.

Kelly said:

I can’t name names. I can just say Joycelyn is my fiancée and I love her and she loves me, and we’re together. She is not in my case, none of that. She’s not against me.

When asked directly about the baby rumor, he said:

Hell naw! She didn’t have a child.

The interview comes days after Joycelyn’s father denied the rumors.

Kellz added:

My daughter Joycelyn is not pregnant. This is a hundred percent inaccurate…If had a granddaughter, I would be the first to say I love this child, no matter what the situation is, period. But rest assured, that’s not my granddaughter.

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 in prison and is awaiting sentencing for a second trial. He has always proclaimed his innocence and denied being an abuser.

He is just an advid sexual freak whose sexual fantacies in the eyes of other is abuse.