The Purge: Anarchy RULES


The Purge: Anarchy RULES!!!

The Purge: Anarchy hit theaters on Friday and surprisingly enough the sequel to last year’s The Purge with Ethan Hawk is a HOME RUN in terror!

The Purge: Anarchy is much more than a horror thriller and instead of another film like the first dealing on a perspective from inside your home. The sequel takes you outside and on the streets of Los Angeles and the inner city where most of the people purge.

Thanks to a new U.S. government sanctioning a 12 hour time period of wholescale violence, that makes murder legal but only with class 4 weapons. Basically you can kill anyone you want, from family members, friends, haters, or people you don’t like. This opens the door for hate crimes to be valid, racism, and prejudice killings, beat downs and torture.

In this film our heroines end up being a mother and daughter, a sergeant, and a young couple on the verge of a divorce. The sergeant (Frank Grillo) has a motive of revenge, but gets side tracked when a mother and daughter are about to be murdered for no reason. Carmen Ejogo and Zoë Soul play mother and daughter Eva Sanchez and Cali. As for the couple on the verge of a split, Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez play Shane and Liz, who get stranded when their sabotaged. They are targets for something they NEVER imagined.

In this film which goes deeper than the first Purge touches on the reason behind the Purge and the U.S. government sanction to allow murder on the city streets. Poverty is down and crime almost a thought of yester-year since citizens wait to kill on March 21 of every year. The first year of the Purge started in 2017 when America chose a new President who wanted to do away with crime and murderous streets. The only thing is there is more to Purging than one thinks. It’s a way to keep the rich richer and remove the problem, namely the poor.

In this The Purge: Anarchy the government has black painted Diesel trucks that scouring the streets of the city to clean up America and rid the US of its poor population. Basically, gas station attendants, waitresses, cooks, garbage men, and any blue collar worker who can’t afford to live above Wilshire Blvd. If you live in East LA, South Central, Compton, Watts, Inglewood, Whittier or any place that the government feels is poverty stricken they send there armored guards out to clean up the population. They do this by invading homes, apartment buildings, and low income housing and murdering everyone living inside. If you make it out, then you’re left to survive for the next 12 hours on the streets where gangs, killers, and the criminally insane flood the streets like a Halloween bash in Hollywood.

Why is the government doing this in the sequel?

Because there are NOT as many people purging and they need to keep the holiday alive, so the government is behind all the innocent killing. While others are taking the people of the street and selling them to the rich, so they can hunt them like a fox hunt.

Though this seems twisted, we never put anything against the government and they’re desire to make money off the lower class. The movie is all about socialism and classism, which makes this sequel a must see for the genre. The housebound first film has a rating of 5.5 while the sequel has a rating of 7.3. The second film is also directed and written by James DeMonaco (The Negotiator, Assault on Precinct 13) and the action in the movie is steady and almost non-relenting. The Purge: Anarchy works well as an action/thriller/horror film with deadly evil on the streets of this not too distant future city.

Review by – Emilio Ricci