Prosecutors Paint R. Kelly As A Portrait of a Predator

Prosecutors Paint R. Kelly As A Portrait of a Predator

Prosecutors Paint R. Kelly As A Portrait of a Predator!

R. Kelly’s five-week trial is now nearing the end. Prosecutors are trying to give the jury a clear picture of who Kelly is off stage. Get all the details of why Prosecutors paint R Kelly as a Predator… reports during the first day of closing arguments in Brooklyn, a prosecutor sought to knit together the government’s sprawling racketeering case.

Basically, they said that R. Kelly was a predator who capitalized on his fame to prey on underage girls and boys and on women, in her closing statements at Mr. Kelly’s federal trial in New York on Wednesday.

Prosecutor, Elizabeth Geddes broke it down stating:

Kelly, once one of the brightest stars in pop music, was only able to inflict trauma on the lives of those in his orbit for decades because of a vast network of associates who “served as enablers for his criminal conduct.”

It’s no secret since these accusations have followed Mr. Kelly for decades. Even a blind man can see that clearly.

Ms. Geddes, an assistant U.S. attorney, told jurors in Federal District Court in Brooklyn:

For many years, what happened in the defendant’s world stayed in the defendant’s world…But no longer.

She characterized the singer as a volatile man whose “violent temper” led to harsh physical abuse of many women and girls. She told jurors that he often promised visitors fame or success in their careers, while only intending to use them for sex. And she said that Mr. Kelly created a fear-inspiring system of control that entrapped his accusers and prevented them from speaking out.

Ms. Geddes went on to say:

He [R. Kelly] used lies, manipulation, threats and physical abuse to dominate his victims. Adding that his immense wealth and fame allowed him to “hide in plain sight.”

When women “crossed him” and opted to go public with their allegations, Ms. Geddes said, Mr. Kelly “used his henchmen to lodge threats and exact revenge.”

Ms. Geddes’s closing arguments, which spanned more than three hours and will continue on Thursday, illustrated the expansive breadth of the prosecution’s case against the singer — and the steep challenge his defense team has faced in the trial.

NOTE: The racketeering case against Mr. Kelly is built around 14 underlying crimes that federal prosecutors say he committed as part of the criminal enterprise at his command. But the charge itself only requires that two of those crimes be proven.

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