Prince’s Cousin Recalls Singer’s First Overdose

Prince's Cousin Recalls Singer's First Overdose

Isn’t it interesting how family loves to come out of the woodwork to put their two cents out there about their famous family members?

Take, for instance, Prince, now his cousin is speaking out about the singer’s first time overdosing on opioids. Read on for more on Prince’s cousin…

Prince's Cousin Recalls Singer's First Overdose has the latest on Prince cousin who has decided to speak on the artists’ struggles with addiction.

According to Prince’s cousin Charles Smith, he spilled this information to True Hollywood Story:

He died on the plane. Then, they brought him back.

Prince’s cousin Smith alleges that Prince was revived but would not allow anybody to take any blood from him.

Charles Smith said during the confessional per E!:

Somebody was hiding something. Prince is back to being Prince again and they take him back home. He should’ve never left that hospital.

He continued:

Just look at how many chances everybody had, that was in that circle, to say something or do something. He didn’t have a chance.

Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose on April 21, 2016, at just 57 years of age.

At the time, there was some speculation surrounding his shock death, as he was about to secure all of his masters from his record label.

Believe what you want, Prince was saying his time was coming to an end, but with family telling stories like this, believe only part of what you hear from the True Hollywood Story.

We previously reported that his half-brother and heir passed away this past summer.

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