Prince First Wife Mayte Garcia Still Selling His Possessions

Prince First Wife Mayte Garcia Still Selling His Possessions

Prince First Wife Mayte Garcia Still Selling His Possessions!

At one time in Mayte Garcia life, Prince was a huge part of her life. But coinciding with the anniversary of Prince’s death, his first wife, Mayte Garcia is still selling the Purple One’s possessions. Read on… reports that Mayte Garcia, Prince’s first wife was inspired to write a memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince (Hachette Books, 2017).

Now, years after the tragic loss of Prince, Mayte Garcia is still cashing in on the fame of her Minnesota native and ex-husband.

In the book, Garcia revisited her time with Prince which she says was cathartic.

Garcia says:

Everyone should write a book. It makes you look back on your life and how much you’ve gone through.

According to antiques dealer M.S. Rau, the items include a pair of 14K gold stacked rings for $24,500, plus an ear cuff and the singer’s signature Versace “Medusa” sunglasses. Garcia last year put up items for sale including Prince’s pendants and Versace bracelets. In 2016, she and Prince’s former manager auctioned off a collection including a Prince guitar, demo tapes, handwritten lyrics, Garcia’s engagement ring, and a pair of rhinestone handcuffs from his act.

You may recall, during their courtship, Prince wrote a song called “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” for her. But their union was marked by tragedy—the death of their first child six days after he was born from Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic disorder associated with skeletal and systemic abnormalities, and a miscarriage two years later—and the couple divorced under the stress and heartbreak in 2000.

Garcia’s strength and resilience in the face of those tragedies would serve her well a decade later when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), something only her closest friends and family members knew about.

Mayte Garcia then branched into acting with appearances on 2 Broke Girls, Nip/Tuck, and CSI: NY, among other TV shows. A more recent gig was the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes, which ended in 2014.

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