Post Malone Gives Courtney Love Goosebumps With Nirvana Tribute

Post Malone Gives Courtney Love Goosebumps With Nirvana Tribute

Post Malone Gives Courtney Love Goosebumps With Nirvana Tribute!

Texas superstar Post Malone is here to rock out while making a difference. On Friday night Malone held a live concert to benefit the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund while playing tracks from the iconic rock group Nirvana. Continue on to watch because Post Malone gave Courtney Love goosebumps… reports that Post Malone is making a difference with an impressive live show on YouTube with a tribute to Nirvana

Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker joined Post Malone, and together the pair raised over two million dollars for charity.

Malone said during the gig:

What’s up, party people…We’re gonna play some Nirvana for you, and have some fun, and hopefully I don’t fuck up.

Malone added:

Thank you to the gentlemen who wrote these beautiful songs.

The Live session included “Sir” Travis Barker delivering a 15-song, 80-minute set of Nirvana tracks:

Backed by a socially distanced band that included drummer “Sir” Travis Barker, Malone delivered a 15-song, 80-minute set of Nirvana tracks, including a near-complete performance of the band’s classic Nevermind; that album’s “Polly” and, surprisingly, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” were the only songs not covered by Malone and company. Malone also played three tracks off In Utero (his opener “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle,” “Very Ape” and “Heart-Shaped Box”) as well as a pair of Bleach cuts (“About a Girl” and “School”).

Post Malone’e live session reached former “Empire” actress Courtney Love, the wife of late band leader Kurt Cobain who showed her support for Malone on Instagram.

The Hole lead singer Courtney Love acknowledged how much Malone raised in millions

GOOSEBUMPS! F**K YES. Go have a margarita @postmalone . ??nothing but love from here . Congratulations . 2.6 million bucks for covid 19 relief . Plus –#stylingbyme x.

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