Phaedra Attacks Kenya Filming Season 7


Phaedra Attacks Kenya Filming Season 7?!?

Now that Apollo Nida is stuck behind bars until 2022 serving an eight-year federal sentence for a fraud conviction, tensions are likely running high with Phaedra. has heard via that Kenya Moore stirred up trouble between the couple, alleging that Apollo had been unfaithful to his wife. Now for the RUMOR that is swirling about Kenya and Phaedra Parks who apparently got into a physical altercation while filming Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7.

Here is what has been revealed, of course, by an inside source from MTO:

Their sources reported that Kenya accused Phaedra of cheating on Apollo throughout their nearly five-year marriage. According to the source, Phaedra “lost it” and attempted to get physical with Kenya. Luckily, Phaedra’s BFF Kandi was there to step in and calm the mother of two before things got really out of control!

Mind you, Phaedra is a lawyer after all, so do you think she would really put her hands on Kenya?

Despite the rumors of an alleged fight between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks while filming season 7, Apollo’s estranged wife is readying for divorce from her fraud convicted husband.

At the least, things have been crazy for Phaedra. Before Apollo went to jail shocked not only Parks, but Twitter and Facebook fans when he showed up at her house prior to heading off to serve his time, causing for a warrant for his arrest. However, he turned himself in the next day.

Now, Phaedra is ready for the marriage to be over, so she can move on with her life, according to the new issue of Life & Style Magazine. “Phaedra’s starting the divorce process all on her own. She has drawn up papers herself,” one insider told the magazine. And Parks is planning to have Nida served in jail.