Peter Gunz Talks About Being Dubbed The Creep


Peter Gunz Talks About Being Dubbed The Creep!!!

Last season of Love and Hip Hop New York Peter Gunz as he was seen cheating on his baby mama, Tara Wallace with his artist Amina Butterfly, but now Peter Gunz Talks About Being Dubbed The Creep

Gunz started off dating his artist Amina Butterfly jeopardizing his relationship of 13 years with Tara Wallace. Friends, fans and peers of Gunz were shocked by his antics when Amina revealed they were married. It was all the talk on social media for the 2013/2014 Love and Hip Hop New York series, but his name was instantly dragged in the mud dubbing him “The Creep” of the LHHNY.


Peter tried to justify his doings, but women everywhere were disgusted by his cheating ways and now in a new interview with Arise Entertainment 360 Peter admits that he still loves Tara Wallace.

Then why the betrayal? Why didn’t he marry the one woman who was there for him through thick and thin and has two adorable boys by him?

Well find out what Gunz has to say about Tara and Amina below:

Cisco Rosado also speaks why he joined the Love and Hip Hop family. He reveals that he was already signed to VH1 and that he had already appeared on the series in cameos for the past 2 years. He felt that it was a good platform to display his struggles and let people know what he went through.

When asked if he is with Diamond, Cisco says to watch the show and find out…

Cyn also admits that she is in a relationship, but she reveals that its a somebody. She and Erica Mena NO longer speak or have and interaction. She wishes her the best with Bow Wow.