Peter Gunz Proposed To Tara Wallace


Peter Gunz Proposed To Tara Wallace?!?

Love and Hip Hop New York is currently filming the reunion and an inside source has reached out to us to spill some juicy tea that Peter Gunz Proposed To Tara Wallace.

This season Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly’s first year of marriage has been filled with disappointments, lies and deceit thanks to Mr Pankey continuing his dirty dawg antics.

While Amina was about to give birth Peter skipped off to the islands to try to win Tara Wallace back. Things didn’t work the way he planned so he went back to Amina with his tail between his legs.


Amina felt betrayed, so she left her husband because she realized that she was the back up plan to his baby mama of 9 years, Tara. Last week Peter flew to Germany to win Amina back but her mother weighed in on Peter saying that he’ll NEVER change and that she doesn’t believe him.  Amina said she doesn’t know what to do, but now she has to think of her daughter and what would be best for their baby girl. 

With the series coming to a wrap and the reunion being taped rumors are leaking out, but what we are hearing is that Peter Gunz proposed to Tara on the show. 

Which makes us ask if he is trying to a polygamist or has he left Amina since she cut him loose?  Wait until you see tonight’s episode because Peter says he’s gonna do him and be single which causes Amina to lose it. 

The inside source also revealed to us that Peter Gunz was recently spotted in Kay Jewelers shopping for a rock for one of the women in his life.

Fans of LHH already know Gunz has been trapped in a love triangle with two of his baby mamas. He spent more than a decade with Tara Wallace and, in spite of having two sons together, they never married.

Instead, Gunz decided to marry his side-chick Amina Buddafly, who did not realize she was his second choice until they were already married. We are now hearing that things may have radically changed and Wallace may be getting her happy family after all.

In fact, Love & Hip Hop has said they just filmed a scene where not only did Gunz finally propose to Wallace, but she accepted and the two are finally engaged. Supposedly Buddafly got tired of his games and realized that in spite of them now sharing a daughter, he was never going to be loyal, so she kicked him to the curb.

We’ll keep you posted….