Party Down South Recap: Rednecks Throwing Up On My


Party Down South Recap: Rednecks Throwing Up On My!!!

On the second episode of Party Down South it was a night of drunken bliss, late night hookups and Rednecks Throwing Up On My.

The crew headed out for a night of drinking in Biloxi, but newbie cast mate Hott Dog is a mellow drinker compared to the house.

Here is the breakdown:

Everyone gets totally trashed and Lyle and Walt both end up throwing up on the drive home. Later they stumble and crawl to their Mississippi dwelling, but Daddy is still ready to keep doing bongs and throwing back more drinks until he get utterly belligerent.

He trashes the upstairs chairs, throwing them into the pool and off the balcony then he slips into Tiffany’s bed for a late night pretzel.

Later Daddy tries to score with Hott Dog, but she makes eyes for Walt.  We also find out that Murray has a Prince Albert piercing when Daddy tells Tiffany he wants to put a ring on it. Murray digs in his pants and hands the ring to Daddy and puts it on Tiffany’s finger.



We also learn that Mattie, Tiffany and Hott Dog shower in the rain while swimming in the pool and shaving their arms and legs. #SoCountry

Mattie and Hott Dog put on a show for the guys as the lather up in the rain and wash up at the pool. Like Lyle says a pool is a rednecks bath tub.

The guys can’t get over Hott Dog’s giblets aka cakes.

Tiffany is jealous that Hott Dog is NOT being social with she and Lauren.

The next day the gang heads out to do some muddin in the rain. After getting totally soaked Walt strips off his clothes in the taxi home and Tiffany discovers that she’s not fond of Walt’s peen or Murray’s – she thinks they NEED to have bigger ones.

Obviously Lyle and Daddy meassure up since they displayed their manhood in the prior sisters.