OMG Trey Songz Spitting In Two Women’s Mouths Video

OMG Trey Songz Spitting In Two Women's Mouths Video

OMG! Trey Songz Spitting In Two Women’s Mouth Video!

Now we think this is disgusting and unsanitary, but it’s been a huge thing in the gay community for years. Hmm, we wonder where Trey learned that? Anyways, a new video has surfaced of Trey Songz spitting in two women’s mouths. Continue on… has a 13-second clip of a shirtless Trey on what appears to be a set of some sort, with two women kneeling down in front of his junk and licking each other’s tongues, as Trigga stands above and spits on ’em.

Trey seems to have taken his sexual escapades to the forefront which is leading some to believe he’s doing a shoot, a music video, or another visual project.

But if you recall, Trey back in October telling people to stay safe. This is a complete contradiction of his social video on Insta.

Not to mention how degrading to women this is. We really want to see a woman letting a man treat them like dirty dogs licking up his spit.

Ladies, do you find this appealing or disgusting?


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