Nicki Minaj Set to Secretly Marry Safaree?



Nicki Minaj Set to Secretly Marry Safaree

Since Nicki Minaj surfaced on to the hip hop scene she has been rumored to be secretly dating her hype man Safaree Samuels.

With that said, Nicki has also denied it every step of the way, never confirming the rumors trying to keep her love life private. However, Safaree did get Nicki’s face inked on his body multiple time making many believe that they are indeed a couple.

To top that news, Safaree even got himself caught up in a scandal involving an “Adult Film” star when gossip suggested he cheated on Nicki at some club sometime last year.

Now a year later and once again the rumors have surfaced on the mewsdesk hinting that Nicki Minaj and Safaree are getting ready to tie the knot!

Word has leaked to Illseed of AHH who writes:

“So, some tipster hit me on my email and told me that Safaree is really close to locking in with Nicki. That’s right…asking her to marry him. It seems like it could be true. Safaree recently got a second Nicki Minaj tat. He’s clearly on some forever ish. I heard this will either be very low key or a straight up secret like they were when they first started.”

There is NO confirmation if the rumor is true or if Nicki and Safaree are set to marry, but if they are we wish them the best and a congrats.

We will keep you posted….