Nicki Minaj Inks Deal

Nicki Minaj Partners With Wine Brand-605-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Nicki Minaj Inks Deal!

Now that Nicki Minaj can finally put American Idol officially behind her the rap star is partnering with wine brand Myx Fusions.

 The company announces that Minaj is now a part owner of the brand and will also be the face of the new distinctively bottled, ready to drink Moscato.

The announcement is part of the brand’s expansion into the U.S. market and abroad. In fact, Nicki release a statement saying:

“I am so excited to team with the Myx brand.”

“I have no doubt that it will be number one. It’s a great-tasting, amazing product that people will love. It’s not even a hard sell. Myx Fusions gives us an opportunity to revolutionize the wine industry.”

Peter Reaske, Myx Fusions CEO, adds:

“Myx is a great new innovation in a category that is exploding,”

“Moscato has done wonders for wine consumption and Myx Fusions will do the same for moscato. Myx appeals to a broad base of wine-drinking and non-wine drinking consumers. We believe that Nicki Minaj’s partnership combined with the appeal of the Myx product will have a ground-breaking impact on the wine industry.”