New BET Series: Former Girl Group Members Unite To Form Supergroup

New BET Series: Former Girl Group Members Joining for Supergroup

New BET Series: Former Girl Group Members Unite To Form Supergroup!

This should be interesting since a lot of your favorite members from former girl groups of the 90s and early millennium are teaming up to become a supergroup.

Will it work? Wait and see how it all plays out on a new BET series that premieres on June 9th, 2021. Read on since former girl group members unite to form supergroup on BET… reports that the new BET series will be called BET Presents The Encore, and this title fits the premise: former girl group members linking up to form an R&B supergroup.

The show will be a 10-episode series that follows the singers as they live together for a month to record an album.

It will feature a total of nine participants, with eight being affiliated with girl groups and one is a stand-alone R&B singer (Nivea). Alongside Nivea, the other participants are Pamela Long of Total, Shamari DeVoe of Blaque, Irish & LeMisha Grinstead of 702, Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane, Kiely Williams of 3LW, and Felisha & Fallon King of Cherish.

Executive producer Carlos King said in an interview with The Associated Press.

He said:

I felt that girl groups never got its just do … and I, as a content creator, wanted to … educate the masses on who I feel are the forgotten sisters of music. I wanted to pay homage to that industry and really give these women an opportunity to share their stories and their struggles.

Basically, it makes for good drama.

We find it interesting that Aubrey O’Day is one of the girls. She has been one of the outspoken members of Danity Kane, since Diddy did the group wrong. But our question is this, we want to know if Aubrey O’Day will put her ego aside and get along with the other ladies?

That is one thing all these ladies have to do, is put the ego aside. They all had hits, but those were years ago. It’s 2021. so what are you doing now?

The new BET series, premieres on June 9th, 2021. Will you be watching?