MTV’s Are You The One Season 2 Tyler Abron Interview


MTV’s Are You The One Season 2 Tyler Abron Interview:

Tyler Abron of MTV’s Are You the One Season 2 had a goal and set her mind to become a reality TV star and she did.

Tyler Abron stated that she wanted to be on a reality TV show, which was on her Bucket list and unlike most people Tyler went for it and made it happen.  Now she can put a check by that item on the list.

But what’s next for the Boston native? EXLUSIVELY spoke with Tyler Abron in a one-on-one about her experience on MTV’s Are You The One Season 2.

mtvs-are-you-the-one-season-2-tyler-abron-interview-0303-1Tyler told us:

“The experience was actually amazing…I truly enjoyed myself.”

She added:

“I loved the opportunity… I’m glad I got involved with the show and now I am taking advantage of it and trying to make a brand for myself.”

In regard to being on the show, the blunt reality TV star went on to explain.

How did the other cast mates perceive her?

“It was supposed to be 10 girls and 10 guys but the producers added an eleventh girl on the show so from the beginning I was out-casted. That made me feel withdrawn, because there was 10 guys and 10 girls and there was no guy I picked out for myself, so I felt left out.”

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She continues to explain:

“It was kind of hard, because girls gravitated to guys they liked and it was hard to make friends, especially with the challenges since they were focused on couples. Everything was based around couples and I was left out. It was difficult to make friend because guys didn’t want to get to know me…the girls didn’t want to get to know me, so it was hard.”

On the guys in the house, was there anyone you were attracted to?

“No, because honestly when I got in the house there wasn’t anyone that I was attracted to.”

She adds:

“I felt like a host on the show more than a contestant.”

Would you go back to host the show?

“I definitely would. I would love to host season 3 of Are You The One.”

Did MTV’s Are You The One help you with dating?

“NO…it didn’t help me at all dating,” said Abron. “It was a great experience…who wouldn’t love be on a tropical island for two months.”


She reveals that there was no cellphones or internet, kind of like dating in the 80s. She said it was a bit hard to get used to. She explained that it was an adjustment to get used to not having a cellphone. When she was in high school she did outreach programs for teens in Brazil who were less fortunate.

Tyler says:mtvs-are-you-the-one-season-2-tyler-abron-interview-0303-2

“I realized how blessed I am…there’s a lot of things we do take for guarantee.”

What kind of guy were you looking for on the show?

“I was looking for someone tall with an athletic build, but the guys on the show were not in her radar.” Abron says, “The guys were not her type – I had to lower my standards and I didn’t want to lower my standards.”

Are the 10 matches still together?

“No…none of them are.”

What were your intentions when you signed on to do the show? Were you there for love or money?

“I was there to find love. I was real. I didn’t play any games, I kept it real. If I didn’t like you I kept it real and told you, if I don’t like you…I don’t like you.”

“At the end of the day I’m too young to be in a relationship.” “I did the show because it didn’t mess with my schooling, so it was perfect.”

When it comes to what is next for the Boston born native, she revealed to us that she is currently taking acting workshops and wants to transition into acting. She looks up to and admires Kerry Washington’s drive and perseverance to be successful. She’s been approached by cosmetic brands reaching out to her, as well as, designers to have he be the ambassador of the brand. She wants to have a “say so” in whatever she does next.

What’s next?

“I would like to do battle of the exes.”

Tyler would like to use her reality TV stardom and parlay it into an acting career so she is currently taking acting workshops.

Do you have and actress you admire and look up too?

“That would have to be Kerry Washington. She been in the business for some time, but despite the doors closing she made it. I respect her and admire her.”

In regards to all her hats she wore on the show – Are you working on a line of hats by any chance?

“I would love to do that. I brought like 30 hats on the show in 90 degree weather. All the guys were wearing my hats on the show. A lot of the hats that the guys wore on the show were mine, so yes, I would love to have a hat line.”

“That is something I am very interested in.”

Tyler graduates from college on May 19th so 2015 is going to be a great year predicts Tyler who is currently working on a few projects with MTV. We tried to inquire what the shows were but she said that she was NOT at liberty to reveal anything at this time. But she did promise to update us when she can speak on the upcoming projects for MTV.

Still want to know a little more about Are You The One Season 2’s Tyler Abron, then read what she had to say about our 5 questions, below. We caught Tyler off guard with the 5 quick questions below. It was a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite color?

“Teal Green”

Favorite thing on a guy?


What is your ideal date?

“Surprise me. Something where I blindfolded and I don’t know where he’s taking me. Spontaneous.”

Favorite adventurous challenge?

“Water Sports”

Favorite place to travel?

“Bora Bora or Dubai”

In closing Tyler says that “you can do anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it.”