Miley Cyrus Late Night Hook Up with Theo Wenner

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Miley Cyrus Late Night Hook Up with Theo Wenner

Miley Cyrus caught by paparazzi video camera man while at the SNL after party filming over Miley’s shoulder through a window.

Miley apparently thought she was in a safe place where nobody was looking but her privacy was invaded by paps who exposed that she allegedly was hooking up with her new man.

Now get this, his name is Theo Wenner and he is the son of Jann Wenner, the owner and chief editor of Rolling Stone. Theo is a former model who use to date Liv Tyler (Steven Tyler‘s daughter) and is also a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine.

Word is Miley was spotted texting Theo Wenner from the SNL afterpart, who is also been dubbed a New York bad boy, according to a source who tells Radar Online:

“Theo is a young, hip and rich socialite…The site refers to him as a “New York playboy.”

Have you heard Miley is making history on iTunes with all her tracks in the top 100 on iTunes!