Michael Avenatti: R. Kelly’s Attorney Creating “Smokescreen to Distract” From Evidence

Michael Avenatti: R. Kelly's Attorney Creating "Smokescreen to Distract" From Evidence

Michael Avenatti is speaking out about R. Kelly’s attorney SLAMMING Steven Greenberg trying to muck up the Kelly case by personally attacking him.

Read on to see what Michael Avenatti is saying about R. Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg is creating a “smokescreen” to “distract”…

Michael Avenatti: R. Kelly's Attorney Creating "Smokescreen to Distract" From EvidenceCelebNMusic247.com reports that attorney Michael Avenatti says Greenberg is “attempting to create a smokescreen to distract away from the mountain of evidence.”

Michael Avenatti believes that the Cook County State Attorney has enough evidence against the singer to prove R. Kelly abused underage girls. He also claims that the evidence will speak for itself.

TMZ reports:

Avenatti hopes Kim Foxx and co. will bring justice to Kelly’s alleged victims. He goes further in praising her, saying she and her staff are “extremely professional, unbiased and focused on the delivery of justice.”

It’s almost a word-for-word counter to Greenberg’s claim that Foxx’s office is barely functioning in chaos in the ongoing fallout of the since-dismissed Jussie case.

R. Kelly’s legal team thinks Kim Foxx calling the singer a “pedophile” before he’s even been given a fair trial is a clear look into how her office is run … totally dysfunctional.

Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, tells the site that Foxx’s texts to a fellow staffer in which she implicitly referred to his client as a pedo in comparing his case to Jussie Smollett’s was outrageous. He adds that considering Kelly hasn’t been convicted of any such crime.

Greenberg says Foxx is letting her personal biases color the way she characterizes Kelly’s case which she implied was a way bigger deal than Jussie’s in her correspondence that was made public Tuesday.

It was previously reported that Foxx called Jussie a “washed up celeb” who’d been slapped with 16 felony counts while going on to indirectly compare that to R. Kelly only getting charged with 10 counts … saying there was a discrepancy there as far as priorities go.

In additional news Sparkle, R. Kelly’s former protégée may testify against him in court once again.

The New York Times reports:

these days, Sparkle is arguably more well known for her public stand against him than she is for her music. And as Mr. Kelly faces new charges of sexual abuse, prosecutors have told her she may be called to testify again.

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