Memphitz Allowed To Cheat On Toya

Bravo/Untying The Knot

Bravo/Untying The Knot

Memphitz Allowed To Cheat On Toya???

If you started watching Untying the Knot on Bravo then you might have heard about Memphitz 8″ day Hall Pass” which Toya was NOT Cool that Memphitz Allowed To Cheat.

While sitting down with Vicki Ziegler to help them work out their differences and why the marriage fell apart, has learned.

During their mediation with Vicki, Memphitz and Toya spoke on an 8 Day Hall Pass that Mickey said that he needed once a year with no questions asked.

Bravo/Untying The Knot

Bravo/Untying The Knot

[rpi] also learned that Toya was NOT cool with it, because she was NOT allowed to cheat only Mickey. It was very one-sided and it was just one of the issues that caused Toya to ask for a divorce. Instead of splitting like a normal couple Mickey and Toya finally got their in as their divorce will take place on Untying the Knot.

There’s nothing like divorce being played out on Bravo, right?

Take a look at Untying the Knot which airs on Bravo on Sunday nights at 10/9c following Real Housewives of Atlanta:


Memphitz explains what he used the camera’s for, but Toya was NOT pleased about what he was shooting.

Wait until you hear what Toya has to say about Mickey and his new venture in starting a magazine called “Hi My Name Is Tom” which means peaking Tom. Or as we put it stalker.

The name alone is awkward and creepy but Memphitz thinks it perfectly fine. The only problem is that Toya bought him a $10,000 camera which he used to shoot pics of naked women.

Yes that is one of the things that caused the divorce…Take a look:

After the show aired on Bravo…Toya responded to the whole 8 Day Hall Pass that had everyone scratching their heads.

Toya posted this photo with caption:



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