Max Ehrich Teary Eyed and Brokenhearted; Twitter Reacts

Max Ehrich

Max Ehrich Teary Eyed and Brokenhearted; Twitter React!

While Demi Lovato has moved on promoting her new music with Marshmallow, Max Ehrich is still brokenhearted over the split.

If you recall, “The Young and the Restless,” actor, 29, proposed to Demi Lovato after the two had been in lock down together due to COVID. Once the lock down was lifted Lovato realized that it was a fling and called off the engagement. Read on as Max Ehrich still teary Eyed over Lovato…


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A post shared by Max Ehrich (@maxehrich) on has the latest of Max Ehrich who has been continuously busy working a new film and more.

Everyone was shocked when Demi Lovato decided to break up with Max while he was filming a movie and had no idea what was going on. He found out via social media and she still doesn’t understand why he’s upset.

What we are hearing is that Max Ehrich was recently spotted in same spot where he proposed to the 28-year-old singer in July — he appeared to sad and moping solo.

Fans of Ehrich took to Twitter is support:

One user tweeted:

Not Max Ehrich going to the beach where he proposed and sitting there sobbing at the ocean, sir who is this performance for??

Another wrote:

Max Ehrich saying Demi is using him as a PR stunt is so ?hypocritical?

One penned:

I’m convinced that Max Ehrich thinks life is a movie after seeing him sulk around the beach.

Others offered support for Ehrich, who previously pleaded for fans of Lovato to stop bullying him.

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