Master P Left His Family to Starve?


Master P Left His Family to Starve?

Here we go again with another celebrity ex-wife, Master P’s ex-wife Sonya Miller, who is crying she’s BROKE!

Sonya Miller is claiming that her ex-husband Percy Miller has a net worth of $200 million. However, did our research and found that Master P is actually worth $350 million which is $150 million more that his ex-wife is claiming!

Sonya and Percy aka Master P have 4 children together and she has gone on record to point out he’s a dead beat dad! We heard from an insider who worked with the No Limit Records “Dead Beat Dad” in the past, revealed to us that he is cheap and is only about making money for himself.

With that said, has also learned that Sonya is claiming that Percy has left she and the 4 children with no money to survive and have been forced to take welfare.

Months ago, Master P and his longtime wife Sonya Miller SPLIT, but now Sonya is claiming that things have gotten so bad for her financially that she was forced to get on welfare. In the court docs it was revealed that the rapper and business man left her and their 4 kids to struggle.

Talk about turning his back and being cold blooded to his own flesh and blood is wrong on every level and now TMZ has this report on the situation:

Master P’s estranged wife claims he’s worth $200 MILLION … yet she says he’s left her and their 4 minor kids so destitute … they’ve been struggling on welfare.

Sonya Miller says she’s indignant … because she helped Master P create one of the most successful labels in hip-hop — No Limit Records — yet he has cut her off like a bad habit.

Sonya says things have become so desperate … she had to move in with her adult son, Lil Romeo.

Master P hasn’t even responded to her divorce petition. The judge fined him $10K for ignoring the case, but he doesn’t seem to care.

If these claims are actually true then Master P is a dead beat dad for this. We hope these accusations are false, because we really can’t believe Percey would turn his back on his family. That is outright cold blooded.

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