Mary J Blige: Latest Victim of #MeToo Child Abuse Accusations

Mary J Blige: Latest Victim of #MeToo Child Abuse Accusations

Mary J Blige: Latest Victim of #MeToo Child Abuse Accusations!

R&B singer Mary J Blige is the latest victim of a series of outdated #MeToo scandals and way old accusations!

According to outdated #MeToo accusations Mary J Blige is being accused of child molestation by Death Row artist and R&B singer Danny Boy.

According to R&B singer Danny Boy, the singer abused him when he was a teenager.. has learned via the report that Mary J Blige might be facing time in prison for her supposed crime.

Considered the “Queen of HipHop Soul” in the industry, Mary J. Blige has solidified her place in the industry as an elite. Throughout her entire career, she’s worked hard for her success. While Mary J. Blige has sung some of the greatest songs in HipHop, she’s also suffered immense personal trauma.

Moreover, the R&B singer has discussed her struggles with drug, alcohol addiction, and mental health. Sadly, she’s also been the victim of sexual abuse and child molestation.

In an effort to stop abuse, the R&B singer launched relief programs to help other victims of sexual abuse.

Recently, the “Queen of HipHop Soul” found herself caught up in yet another #MeToo scandal after a fellow R&B singer accused her of child molestation. Furthermore, MTO News reported that Death Row artist Danny Boy allegedly claimed that Mary J. Blige sexually abused him at 15 years old.

According to Danny Boy, “a then 24-year-old Blige had requested that he come to her hotel room. Once there, Blige had enticed him into having sex with her.”

For several months, the two carried on an illegal relationship between an adult and a minor.
Now sources believe Mary J. Blige might face serious jail time for her alleged sexual abuse of a minor. Though, no charges have been brought against the R&B singer yet. As a victim of child molestation and sexual harassment herself, it’s hard to believe she’d subject another person to that abuse.HypeFresh

What is more disturbing now is the fact that Danny Boy would bring this up 25-years after it happened. Not to mention the messed with Mary for a length of time, so was it child abuse? A teenage boy at that age is all about sex with an older woman, let’s be honest about that people.

It seems this is another poor attempt for relivance after all these years.